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The Cilantro and Chicks: A Dangerous Combination blog post is a guide on how to safely feed cilantro to your hens. This includes precautions, tips for growing it yourself, and more! It is important to note that cilantro and chickens are not a safe combination. Chickens don’t have taste buds for tasting, but they can sense the flavors from their environment by sensing chemicals through glands on their beaks and feet.

cilantro, herbs, food @ Pixabay

It has been found in studies that cilantro releases some of these flavor-detecting molecules when it’s crushed or chewed (though no one knows why). This makes them more likely to eat something dangerous like metal objects due to this chemical reaction with what would otherwise just be an innocuous leafy herb. The blog post will also include photos of how you can grow your own supply as well as precautions such as using gloves while harvesting the plant so you don’t transfer any oils onto your skin.


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