melon, cantaloupe, fruit @ Pixabay

Cantaloupe is a delicious fruit that many people enjoy eating. But what about the seeds? Chickens love them so much, they will eat all of them as soon as you let them out! Here are some tips on how to keep chickens from eating cantaloupe seeds. -Covering the seeds with a mix of sand and soil will deter them from eating. If you want to plant some cantaloupe, bury it so that just an inch is sticking out. The chickens won’t be able to see the leaves or fruit on top, but they will still get hungry enough by digging in order for this technique to work.

melon, cantaloupe, orange fruit @ Pixabay

The best way is not letting your chicken go outside at all when you have planted a backyard garden, as long as it has grown well before planting time. This should help keep them away from anything edible. These are three easy ways we can use if our chickens start making more mess than usual after consuming too much delicious cantaloupe seed.


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