butternut squash, butternut, squash @ Pixabay

Butternut squash is a delicious vegetable that many people enjoy in their diet. Unfortunately, it’s not safe for chickens to eat! Read on to find out why and what you can feed them instead.  Chickens have sharp beaks that can easily puncture a squash. This means they could get an infection before it’s even digested, and the whole thing will rot inside them. 

butternut squash, produce, gourd @ Pixabay

Butternut squash is high in sugar content which doesn’t agree with their stomachs. They also don’t eat enough to make up for the sugars as well because they need more protein than vegetables contain – plus butternut squash has too much cellulose fiber so it won’t break down properly either. What should you feed chickens instead? Try feeding your chickens some celery or lettuce leaves if you want to add a vegetable into their diet without risking any health problems. 


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