cat, pet, feline @ Pixabay

The internet has been buzzing about whether cats can have butter or not. Recently, a video went viral of a veterinarian saying that it’s safe for cats to eat dairy products including butter. This information is inaccurate and could be dangerous for any unsuspecting cat owners who believe this myth!

cat, pet, feline @ Pixabay

Can Cats Eat Butter? There are many misconceptions about animals and their diets. One of the most common myths is that cats can eat dairy products including butter, but this couldn’t be farther from reality!

Let’s take a look at why it isn’t safe for your cat to have any type of dairy product: Cats’ digestive systems lack an enzyme called lactase which breaks down milk sugars in humans or other mammals into simple sugars like glucose. If they consume milk, the unused lactose accumulates over time until it reaches toxic levels; causing stomach upset, diarrhea, dehydration, bloating, gas and vomiting.


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