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You may be wondering, “What kind of food is whipped cream?” Well, whip cream is a great topping for many desserts. This article discusses what kind of food it is and its history. What Kind of Food is Whip Cream?

Whip cream has a variety of uses. It can be used as a topping for desserts such as pie and cake or mixed with strawberries to create a strawberry shortcake, yet it also makes an excellent dessert in its own right: ice cream! This post explores the different types of whipped cream toppings you can use on your favorite sweet treats and what they taste like. 

cupcakes, dessert, food @ Pixabay

 Whisking Tips History: In 1843, César Ritz served Chantilly crème fraîche at his Parisian restaurant that he called “chocolate à la Créme”. The recipe was so popular that chefs all over Europe started to serve it. Chantilly crème fraîche was made by whisking heavy cream until stiff peaks formed, then adding vanilla extract and sugar while continuing to beat the mixture. Whisking Tips: The secret ingredient for perfect whipped cream is patience! It takes time (between five and ten minutes) and vigorous whipping with a hand mixer or electric beater to whip creams so that they form airy mounds similar to butter or shortening when you pull off the whisk attachment from the bowl of fluffy white goodness.  |  How do I get my dessert to taste like chocolate? Taste Like Chocolate: Rich cocoa powder can also help make desserts taste more chocolaty;


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