kittens, pet, felines @ Pixabay

Cats are the perfect pets, but they can be finicky eaters. Do you have a cat that refuses to eat its food? In this blog post, we will show you the best ways to get your cat eating again! 

kittens, pet, felines @ Pixabay

If you feed your cat canned food, try adding a teaspoon of olive oil to the jar before sealing it up. This will make the food tastier and more appetizing for your feline friend! You can also start feeding them small portions every day to train them how much they should be eating at one time (rather than leaving out an entire bowl). Finally, if none of these work – there is always water as a last resort. Cats are very sensitive creatures that require lots of care in order to get better, so don’t feel bad about talking to their vet!

Can cats eat walnuts?

Yes – but only after speaking with their veterinarian first! Check out this blog post for all sorts.


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