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Can cats eat potato chips? The answer is a resounding no, but you wouldn’t know that from the way they act sometimes. Ever seen your cat jump up and down when you open a bag of chips or popcorn? That’s because some people unknowingly feed their pets these snacks while thinking they are doing them good. Cats love the crunchiness of chips and popcorn, so they think you are providing a delicious treat. But this is one behavior that can lead to real problems for cats over time.

dog, pet, canine @ Pixabay

The problem with snack foods like these is that they do not provide any nutritional value whatsoever; their only purpose is to satisfy a craving or sugar fix in humans. These snacks often contain ingredients that contribute to weight gain as well as high fat content which makes them bad for your cat’s health overall. Not surprisingly, most people who feed their pets potato chips never see any issues because it doesn’t happen overnight – it takes months (sometimes years) before serious damage begins taking place internally making symptoms hard to detect early on. Potato chips


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