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In this blog post, we will discuss the question of whether or not cats can eat pistachios. Many people have different opinions on the subject, so I am here to provide some facts and information that will allow you to make a decision for yourself. Cats cannot eat raw pistachios because they contain an enzyme called “Pistachio Bitter Toxin” which is toxic to felines. If you still want your cat to enjoy a taste of these delicious nuts, there are other options! You can purchase pistachio kernels that are roasted and salted; these are safe for both humans and pets alike! Is it safe for cats to eat pistachios?

Let’s find out! -Some people say that raw nuts are not a good idea because of the Pistachio Bitter Toxin, which is toxic to felines. Cats cannot eat raw pistachios. Apart from this concern, there are other options: purchasing roasted and salted kernels may be an alternative if you still want your cat to enjoy their taste without any risk. -If you decide on giving your pet some pistachios, make sure they’re in small quantities as too many might lead to digestive problems or pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas). -It is recommended that these snacks should not exceed more than five per week so your


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