british shorthair, cat, pet @ Pixabay

Cats are carnivores. They eat meat and they hunt it down themselves. It is in their nature to be a predator, not prey. That is why cats should never have pepperoni on their pizza! – Cats don’t have the same digestive system as humans, so they can’t digest pepperoni like we do. The high salt content of this kind of bacon will cause a lot more dehydration in cats than it would to us because their kidneys are not used to processing that level of sodium and other compounds.

maine coon, cat, cat’s eyes @ Pixabay

– Pepperoni has a lot less protein than something people typically feed their cat such as beef jerky or tuna fish which could lead them down the path toward obesity if they eat too much pizza with pepperoni on it. Remember that kitty’s metabolism is faster and also higher at night so feeding him/her before bed might make for some super active nights! BONUS TIP: If you’re still worried about


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