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There are many animals that enjoy chips, but can cats eat chips? That is the question we will answer today. We all know that cats have a keen sense of smell and they love to steal things off our plates when our backs are turned. Cats might think they’re getting away with something because you won’t notice their little paws as they snatch your chips right out of your hands!

british shorthair, cat, pet @ Pixabay

But what about those who want to keep their cat from sneaking more than just chips? In this article, we’ll discuss 10 feline friends who won’t try to steal your chips – or anything else for that matter! The list of feline friends includes: -Servals, who are often used as security animals and have a playful nature. They also don’t want to steal your chips! Serval cats love attention, so they’ll be happy spending time with you! -Ocelots are sneaky but not cruel. These wildcats will help keep chip thieves at bay while providing comfort for cat lovers everywhere – what could make them better than that? Ocelot cats may look like big leopards or jaguars from afar, but there’s definitely something more exotic about these spotted felines. The ocelot is native to Central and South America including Mexico and the Amazonian Basin in Ecuador and Peru. In the U


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