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Cats are considered carnivores because they naturally eat meat. Some people give their cats beef jerky out of a human instinct to feed what we ourselves like to eat, but it is not the best thing for our furry friends. Cats can’t break down the proteins in beef jerky and it’s high salt content can lead to kidney problems. It also doesn’t help that most brands contain chemicals or preservatives that could be harmful for your cat.

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So, before you offer your feline friend some beef jerky ask yourself these questions: Is my cat an adult? If yes, then no more than 1/2-1 ounce per week (about three pieces). Does my cat have other allergies or medical conditions? If yes, then consult with your veterinarian. If my cat is an adult and has no allergies or medical conditions, then can cats eat beef jerky? Yes – but it should be supervised as they may overeat them because of the taste. Can cats eat dried up bacon? No.”}]}}],”task_id”:”aaq–0-13985401944″,”url”:”/result/aajjpyxsswppqqsakkllmzzyyvve/”},{“title”:”


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