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We have all seen the memes and videos of cats eating bacon. There is something about watching a cat eat that makes people laugh, but can they actually eat it?

cat, kitten, pet @ Pixabay

In this blog post we will explore why cats cannot eat bacon. -Cats can’t eat bacon because they lack the enzyme that breaks down animal protein. Without this, cooked or raw meat will stay in their digestive system and rot without being digested. This is why you should never give your cat any type of raw meat to consume

-A veterinarian said that people who feed cats a diet made up of only canned food might find some benefit for them as it contains all necessary vitamins and minerals needed by felines but if there isn’t enough variety, then meats are still very important. For one thing, canned food lacks taurine which is an essential amino acid which makes up part of most proteins found in animals including dogs and humans alike The problem with feeding cats no other types of


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