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Cats are a lot more similar to humans than you might think. They enjoy cuddling with their owners, playing with string, and licking themselves clean after they eat. But are cats lactose intolerant? Cats can’t drink almond milk! Almond milk is only for people who don’t have the enzyme that enables them to digest dairy products. Do cats have lactose intolerance? No, they don’t. Cats can drink cow’s milk because of the enzymes in their stomachs that digest dairy products and eliminate them. It is true that some people are allergic to certain proteins found in most types of cows’ milk, but this doesn’t change anything about a cat’s ability to drink it. If you still want your cat to avoid drinking too much protein from cow’s milk, consider substituting canned tuna or raw chicken for any animal meat given as part of her diet. That will give her enough protein without overwhelming her system with additional allergens she might not be able to handle well at all times during her life span. The alternative would be giving your cat plenty


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