rabbit, bunny, pet @ Pixabay

Bunnies are cute and fuzzy animals. They’re also very curious, which can be a problem if they find something to eat that’s not good for them. This article will tell you what bunnies should avoid eating so that they stay healthy and happy! There are some things that bunnies should just not eat, like chocolate.

rabbit, hare, bunny @ Pixabay

Chocolate is poisonous to rabbits and can cause them serious health problems or even death if they ingest a large quantity! Many people keep plants as pets in their homes. There’s an entire industry of succulents for sale on the Internet- but these cute plants aren’t good for bunny teeth!

Rabbits may love chewing through leafy greens, but those tender leaves can do damage to tooth enamel (and will likely be littered all over your floor!) The list goes on: grapes, avocado, alcohol..bunny owners need to take care when selecting food for their furry friends. The best thing you can do as a pet owner is research


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