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Bulldogs are known for many things, but being a good swimmer isn’t usually one of them. But what about this brave bulldog? Watch him as he tries to get out of the water!

The Brave Bulldog:

Can it Swim?

Can bulldogs swim?

french bulldog, dog, swim @ Pixabay

Well, this brave one can! Watch him as he tries to get out of the water. There’s no question that most dogs love playing in the water and if your dog is like many others they will probably enjoy taking a dip with you. But not all breeds are so keen on an adventure down at the pool or beach.

So what about Bulldogs – Can Bulldog’s swim? If it was up to them, then yes but unfortunately for them, their heavy body weight means they may struggle to stay afloat which could be potentially dangerous since they have such short muzzles, making it difficult for them to catch their breath when submerged underwater. 


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