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Birds are amazing creatures, but they have their limitations.

Can you burp like a bird?

No, birds can’t burp because they don’t have the necessary muscles in their oesophagus to do so. They do have a crop and gizzard, which is where food goes before it’s digested.

This is why sometimes when you see your pet bird-eating breadcrumbs or seeds they will throw up afterwards.

robin, small bird, songbird @ Pixabay

The food that was in the crop and gizzard has been broken down by digestive enzymes and cannot be digested any further. Birds also cannot vomit, which is why in the wild a bird will die if it gets poisoned.

Birds have an oesophagus and not a stomach like humans do so they are unable to expel any kind of food from their system that might be poisonous or rotten through vomiting. This is a guest post by Sarah. This post was originally published on December 11, 2018. The content has been updated to reflect the current date and time.


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