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You’ve probably seen many bearded dragons floating around in fish tanks. They can swim, but not very well. If you have a lot of water in the tank, they will be able to move about more easily and explore their surroundings.

Bearded dragons are also known as water dragons because they come from Australia where there are lots of rainforest and wetland environments that are perfect for them!

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The bearded dragons can swim but not very well. They are called water dragons because they come from Australia and it rains there all the time which is perfect for these lizards.

It is important to include some form of enrichment in their environment such as live or fake plants that will provide them with hiding spots so that they don’t get stressed out.

 Also supplying an area where they can burrow into the sand will also help give them mental stimulation if you have any extra substrate laying around! In addition to climbing branches like other reptiles do when left alone too much.


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