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Dragon owners often wonder what vegetables their pets can and can’t eat. Many people are familiar with the concept of a bearded dragon, but not all know that these lizards also come in different colours, shapes, and sizes.

If you’ve ever wondered which vegetables your pet is capable of eating, then this blog post will provide you with answers!

parsley, leaves, plant @ Pixabay

Parsley is a common ingredient for cooking, and it’s often used in salads.

It may seem like an obvious choice to feed your pet this veggie but they can’t eat parsley because there are no nutritional benefits that the dragon will gain from eating it, as well as the fact that some of its ingredients might cause health problems if ingested by the bearded dragon.

The best vegetables you should feed your lizard include tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots (and other orange veggies), spinach leaves or collard greens; green beans and peas.

These have high levels of vitamin A which is good for their eyesight! You can also try giving them broccoli florets or corn on the cob – these two items are higher in protein.


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