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Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles on the market, and for good reason. They’re low maintenance, they have a great personality, and they can be trained to do tricks! But what should you feed your bearded dragon?

Read this blog post to find out about 10 great foods that will make sure your bearded dragon stays healthy and happy. Mango is an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps with the regulation of blood pressure and tissue repair. It also provides essential nutrients like folate, potassium, and manganese that your bearded dragon needs to stay healthy. ..continue writing next sentences for blog post content.

Be sure not to feed your bearded dragon any fresh fruit or vegetables because they need specialized diets that are different from humans’. Fresh fruits and veggies can rot in their gut before being digested by them. Feeding a bearded too many carbs could cause diabetes as well. It’s important to read labels on all food products you buy specifically for pets just so you know what it contains.


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