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Bearded dragons are the perfect pet for any animal lover. They’re also easy to care for, which is why they make such popular pets.

But can bearded dragons eat earthworms?

This article will tell you exactly what type of worms bearded dragons can and cannot eat. In the wild, bearded dragons eat a diet of mostly insects and plant matter.

dragon, golden dragon, statue @ Pixabay

In captivity they are fed on commercially available lizard food in addition to occasional live feedings. Earthworms can be fed as an occasional treat but should not make up any significant part of their diet because this type of worm may contain toxins that could harm your pet.

If you’re going to give them earth worms, it’s best to keep them refrigerated or frozen so they don’t carry too many harmful bacteria with them! A better alternative is mealworms which are high in protein and low in fat content (something that other types of insect larva lack). Your dragon will love eating these tasty treats! Bearded Dragons cannot eat earthworms.


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