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Bearded dragons are omnivorous reptiles and can eat a variety of food. One thing that they will always need is live insects as these provide them with the necessary protein to stay healthy. However, there are many other things that your bearded dragon can eat in addition to live insects. This blog post will cover what you should feed your bearded dragon and how often you should do so.

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Provide your bearded dragon with a variety of live foods, including insects such as crickets and mealworms. You should also feed them small mammals like pinkie mice or fuzzy rats every few weeks in addition to fruits and vegetables. Basically, you can feed any type of food that they can consume without difficulty if it will keep their hunger at bay for awhile. One thing to be cautious about is feeding larger animals because these may not provide enough protein on their own.

Feed bearded dragons once per day for young adults while those over the age of two need only have one meal per week (although this does depend). The amount eaten varies depending on how hungry they are but typically ranges from four to six times during a three-day period since most.


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