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Cherries are a delicious fruit that many people enjoy. They can be eaten raw, or made into jams and pies. But what about bearded dragons? Can they eat cherries too? If you’re thinking of feeding them to your dragon, then you should know that the answer is most likely no.

cherries, fruits, food @ Pixabay

Bearded dragons typically only eat live crickets and bugs for food. In the wild beards will eat anything they can find, including ants and flies. But in captivity bearded dragons are fed a specialized diet that includes insects like crickets and mealworms which is why it’s recommended to not feed them cherries as these foods are missing from this type of diet.

Bearded dragons may enjoy eating some types of fruit but because their digestive system isn’t designed for digesting fruits, there really is no need to offer them something so unique when you have other options available such as live bugs. A lot of people wonder if dragonflies can eat cherries too? The answer again is most likely no since dragonflies also don’t have the right stomach structure or enzymes required to process food sources containing high levels.


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