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Bearded dragons are great pets, and they can be pretty easy to care for. But there’s one thing that every bearded dragon owner should know: what to feed them! Feeding your bearded

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the wrong food could lead not just to a sick pet but also poor health in general. Learn more about how you can make sure that your bearded is getting the right amount of nutrients by reading this article.


To start, you need to know what your bearded should be eating. They’re omnivores and will do well on a diet that’s between 50% vegetables and 50% insects. You’ll want to make sure that the veggies are fresh–frozen is a good option too! Bearded dragons love carrots in particular, so feel free to give them those as often as two or three times per day depending on their size. But don’t forget about other healthy choices like broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds, squash (butternut is great), cabbage leaves with carrot tops mixed in for calcium supplementation purposes. The best rule of thumb: if it’s nutritious for humans it’s also good for bearded dragons.


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