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Many people know about bearded dragons and their impressive ability to eat blackberries. In this blog post, I will be talking all about the benefits of feeding your dragon a diet that includes blackberries! Bearded dragons have a very unique diet that includes eating blackberries. They can eat apples, carrots, and lettuce as well! For the most part, they are omnivores so you don’t need to worry about feeding them something different from what you might be enjoying at home.

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Bearded dragons typically enjoy vegetables like tomatoes or celery sticks with some healthy fats in their food such as oils or eggs. The benefits of bearded dragon diets include not just their ability to consume fruit but also other important vitamins and minerals found in these types of foods along with proteins for muscle growth! Blackberry supplements may offer more antioxidants than spinach and even green beans which contain Vitamin K- this helps maintain a strong immune system for your pet


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