dwarf bearded dragon, agame, reptile @ Pixabay

Some people think that bearded dragons can’t eat bananas. However, this is not true! Bearded dragons love to eat bananas and there’s a good reason for it. Bananas have a high water content which makes them perfect for hydration needs of the bearded dragon. To learn more about how beards eat bananas, read on!

One thing that makes bananas a great food for bearded dragons is the high water content. Bearded dragons have evolved to need more hydration than other species of lizards because they live in arid regions, and this means their bodies are optimized to get as much moisture out of their prey as possible. Bananas also make up one-fifth of the daily diet requirements for most bearded dragon owners, so it’s an important part of any meal plan! Banana Basics: One banana has about 130 calories with no fat or cholesterol. They do contain quite a bit sugar (about 23 grams) which can contribute to obesity if eaten too often. Eating them will give you extra vitamins such as vitamin B-11, potassium and fiber –


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