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Batman is a superhero, but not just any ordinary superhero. Batman has an awesome backstory that makes him one of the most intriguing superheroes to date. His origin story is full of tragedies and twists that make it impossible for you to look away from his past! In this blog post, we will take a scientific approach at what’s happening in the world of Batman. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered in front of him by Joe Chill. The other part to this tragedy is that he was unable to prevent their deaths from happening and vowed never again.

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This origin story has been retold time after time but the scientific side of it has always gone unnoticed until now! Bruce Wayne studied hard at school and learned how to become a billionaire businessman during his childhood years while also training himself as a vigilante crime fighter with help from an old family friend named Henri Ducard. His abilities were seen through all the pain when he defeated Bane (a super villain) who had crippled Gotham City’s Police Department and taken over Arkham Asylum just like his father before him did with Crime Alley in “


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