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Do animals sin? This is a question that many people have asked themselves at one point or another. Some believe they can, while others do not think so. In this article we will explore both sides of the argument and see if there’s any way to come to a conclusion. The first thing we must ask ourselves is what does it mean for an animal to sin? The simplest answer would be that animals cannot understand the concept of right and wrong because they are incapable of complex thought such as judgment. Some would argue that even though an animal may not know what it means, God knows everything and sees all, meaning he could still punish them in some way for doing something they did not fully comprehend was wrong.

On the other hand, most religions seem to agree that humans are the only ones who can sin. The Bible says in Genesis that God created man and woman with a free will so they could understand right from wrong, but this does not apply to animals because they do not have such knowledge. One would argue against this saying it is possible for an animal to know what’s going on around them even if their actions may be dictated by instinct or reflexes rather than conscious thought. It seems like there is no way of knowing one way or another without divine intervention; we’ll just have to wait until the day all creatures meet before being judged as good or bad and find out then! — One argument for animals having a soul: Animals can


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