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Are you 18 years old and wondering if you can date a 16-year-old in California? We are going to answer this question, as well as discuss the laws that apply to dating minors. The truth is that there are certain restrictions on who an adult can date when they are 18 or older, but these vary from state to state. In California, it’s possible for an 18-year-old tolegally date a 16-year-old with parental consent. legally date a 16-year-old with parental                               

The law in California is that you can date a minor with parental consent. However, if the adult who has given consent to dating an underage person is “close” to their child’s age, then they may not give them permission. For example, it would be illegal for a 30-year-old parent to allow his 16-year-old son or daughter to date someone aged 18 years of age or older without any restrictions on seeing each other and spending time together. Now that we’ve discussed what happens when one party is over 18 and the other person involved meets all legal requirements for being considered as having attained sexual adulthood (usually at least 17), let’s talk about those times where both parties are minors, but neither meet these criteria yet


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