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Camphor is a white, aromatic crystalline substance that is used in many household products. It can be found in candles, air fresheners, and antiseptics. Camphor has a mildly soothing smell and also has cooling properties which makes it perfect for colds or fevers. This blog post will go over where you can buy camphor as well as some of the health benefits of this ingredient!

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Keyword: camphor, camphor where to buy Benefits of Camphor: -Camphor can help with colds and fevers. It has a cooling sensation that is perfect for those coming down with something or have already caught the bug. -A few drops in water will make it release its cool scent, which makes it perfect for use as an air freshener! -It does not leave any residue on surfaces such as furniture or clothes unlike products containing ozone or other chemicals that are harsh on fabrics. Where To Buy Camphor: You can find camphor at most grocery stores and drugstores these days but if you want to get more affordable prices I suggest going online! Amazon carries many different brands including Pure Pennsylvania Dutch’s Incense


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