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I think I’m a little too old to have any self-awareness at all. When I’m sitting in my living room, I’m not consciously aware of the room around me or even what I’m doing. I’m just aware that I’m wearing some sort of chair, I’m reading, I’m watching TV, and I’m having a good time.

I think what we mean by this is that we’re aware that we’re wearing some kind of blend of two things. If you’ve ever seen someone wear a two-tone suit and a three-piece suit, you know that we’re talking about something similar here. The blended furniture is a term that came up in a conversation with the founder of the self-awareness movement. It refers to the idea that we have to be aware of ourselves.

You can still be aware of yourself in multiple ways. Like what are you doing in the car, driving, or your mood, if you have a mood of a happy, peaceful couple? The problem with blending furniture is that it makes the furniture seem more of a part of the story, instead of a whole.


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