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We are all guilty of this at some point. I was at my first job before I was 16 and got caught shoplifting a bunch of cases of beer. While the beer didn’t seem to be an issue at the time, the alcohol had a habit of sneaking back in over time. This also affected my ability to focus on my work and made it harder to get my mind on the job. This is why I still have a hard time with my work.

The thing is, you arent going to be able to do all of your work while being a little tipsy, so you’ll have to get more creative with your tasks. I am not saying this because I am a huge fan of working late or being hungover. I’m saying this because it is a good reminder to me.

With a bullet in the back? I didn’t think so. The most recent attempt to address this issue is called Ballistic Deathloop, a time looping game that you can play in which you try to kill all the Visionaries in one day. The game was not especially successful, but it’s still a great example of the power and difficulty of time loops.

I have been getting quite good at the time-loops lately. I mean it has been a while since I played a looped game (or at least, not one that was time looping, but two different time looping games). But since the last time I played Ballistic I have had a new idea (and a new game). I am excited to see what new things I can come up with with the time looping and time-traveling game that I have been working on.

I want to see Ballistic again for a second time and I’ll go into how that time-loop game came to be. But I’m also not going to just say that it is the best time-looping game ever. I’m going to explain why I think that is. I think it is.

So why do I think that? Well, in the first game I thought that was the best time-looping game ever, but then I thought, “well, why not make it so you can actually time-travel?” Well, my initial thought was that a time-looping game would be boring.

So why the change? Well, we all know what a time-looping game is supposed to be like. It’s supposed to be exciting. And we all know that boring games don’t sell. That’s why you don’t see them much. But I’m not just saying that because I like Time-Line. I’m saying that because that’s the basic premise of Ballistic. So we started working on Ballistic because of that.

Ballistic is a game in which you shoot a gun and hit people. Sounds cool.

Ballistic is a time-looping game that is meant to be really exciting. You can set it to play 24/7 and it makes it so easy to play. I would much rather time-loope a game that actually has a challenge. I don’t know, maybe I just get bored of the same thing over and over.

You might be thinking, “Why would they put ballistic, a time-looping game, in my house?” but ballistic is actually a great time-looping game with some interesting mechanics that work well in conjunction with each other. So if you’re thinking of getting ballistic, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice. If you’re not planning on getting ballistic, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.


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