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While the technology we use to do things like watch movies, listen to music, and communicate with others is pretty basic, it is still important to understand a few key aspects of technology. Some of these elements are what we would call “basic”, and some of them are more advanced. This might seem like a small topic, but it’s actually one that every smart phone owner should know and understand.

Let’s start with the basics. While you might think your phone has only a few basic features (which may include sending and receiving SMS messages, accessing your photos, and playing music), you actually have a lot more than that. Your phone also has a camera, a camera app, and a video player. Basically, your phone has a lot more of the basics that you would want.

A few of the more common ones include (but are not limited to): the camera, the camera app, the video player, and the phone’s contacts. There are a number of other features, like the ability to make calls and texts from a phone. Most phones have a number of other features which are pretty cool as well.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but really, you aren’t that limited in what you can do on your phone. I mean, if you really wanted to, you could make all kinds of videos, not just music videos, and edit them. The video player can actually play almost any video format.

Andes has its own video player, but the phone contacts are pretty awesome too. They can be used to call and text anyone, not just the Visionaries. They also have an icon for a phone call or text which you can click and then it will start ringing or texting.

Andes also has a video player, so you can edit them in almost any format, and you can even add sound.

One of the coolest features is the Andes phone contact, which is basically a phone call that is just made. The phone contacts will ask you to speak to the person who was on the phone with you. If you don’t do the call, the phone contact will disappear.

Of course, if you can’t find the person you wanted to speak to, you can just go to your contacts list and manually create a contact.

Andes also has an email address, so you can email people. Andes uses a version of Gmail, so there’s a ton of contact information for you to add.

Andes, or Andean phone contact, is the most common contact you will probably ever find. Andes has a built-in contact manager that will automatically create new contacts for you without you having to type anything into the contact manager, and you can use the email for all your email needs.


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